Search Engine Market Share, November 2011

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It’s no question that Google is currently the dominant search engine in the U.S. market, although their major competitors turn up the heat, and as Google continues to expand on their many product offerings, two key questions have arisen: Is Google focusing on search the way it has in the past? How much longer will it take the Search Market to stabilize, if ever?

To shed a little bit of light on this matter, below you can see Chitika Insights’ recent November Search Engine Market Share Report; which highlights changes in the market as well as predictions for the coming months.

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Gabe Donnini
Gabe Donnini is a Data Solutions Engineer at Chitika and a lead author for reports by Chitika Insights, the research arm the online ad service. After graduating with a B.A. in Business Administration from Ithaca College, Gabe has been pursuing his passion for technology by researching and analyzing new and emerging trends in the online world. His reports have been featured in a range of international media outlets including; CNN, PC World, MSNBC,The Wall Street Journal, International Business Times and Huffington Post, among others.Follow Gabe on twitter @gdonnini
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