Search Engine Journal Not Indexed in Microsoft’s Live Search

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For some odd reason Search Engine Journal is not indexed in Live Search, Microsoft’s new version of MSN Search.

* There are 99,604 occurences of the term “Search Engine Journal” in Live Search results.

* Live Search shows 81,172 sites linking to Search Engine Journal. (Yahoo shows more than double the amount.)

And there is no question as to the quality, age, or value of this site in terms of supplying search engine news.

So, why is not indexed in Microsoft’s Live Search?

Can someone from Live Search please address this immediately and contact us.

Update : To add to the irony, if you go to the Live Search WebLog and scroll down a bit, you’ll see that on the left sidebar the Live Search team lists Search Engine Journal as a ‘Site We Read’.

Live Search Team, please help! 🙂

Update 2 : Microsoft Live Search has emailed me with this message saying that the problem was that SEJ was labeled as SPAM by Live Search. I wonder how that could have happened?

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Loren, I think SEJ doesn’t have enough links towards it. Use the submit form :))

    Seriously now, I think Live has a problem indeed.

  • No sign of the site in the MS Live Index at all. Looks like a site if it was banned from Google.

    It’s not your hosting. Other sites on your IP are still in the index. I checked also and and they are looking perfectly fine, except for the negligible amount of traffic from MS Live/MSN Search, but that is a different issue 😉

    Did you get into a fight with a Microsoft engineer? Maybe your XP Licence is pirated and they wipe your sites from their index until you get a registered version. 😉

    Maybe an intern made a typo while he was fixing the SERPs manually.

    Okay, I have no Idea. Maybe you should turn of the cloaking and show the real content of SEJ to MS Live hehe.

  • Wow, that is really weird indeed. I just did the search and there’s absolutely no mentioning of Searchenginejournal.

    Got the message:

    “We did not find any results for”

    Definitely time they start fixing this, how else can they ever become a serious player.

  • I told you to switch to Blogger 😉

  • I have the exact same issue with one of my sites. It’s a 5 years old site, thousands of quality backlinks and there’s no use of obscure techniques. In comparison I can mention that Google says it has indexed ~200.000 pages from my site and it’s been a pagerank 7 for years.

    That really makes you wonder about what issue they’re having with Live search, and if the only way to get rankings in Live search is with spam on blogspot subdomains…

  • That’s crazy…

    No wonder they are loosing market share.

  • Same thing here. I submitted a site of mine and it never got indexed .

    Don’t take it personally… you just posted about the Wikipedia spam, so you don’t get your site included and you don’t get a Ferrari laptop after all :).

  • Loren, you don’t have a robots.txt file in the root directory.. can this be an issue ?

    I am just guessing.

  • Amit: Not having a robots.txt should not be an issue. There are millions of sites that don’t have one. Most shared hosting sites probably don’t have one. May be it is related and a bug in the MS crawlers.

  • Sushubh

    some of my sites have nothing on Live Search and they are decently indexed on Google.

    for example has no pages listed on live search.

    not having a robots.txt file? duh. search engines should be smart enough to index sites until and unless they are specifically blocked from accessing or indexing sites.

  • That is truly weird Loren. Took a quick look in their general index, image index and news index and found no trace of SEJ.

    I also used the Advanced Search operator with the strings: and Loren Live suggested a search for Sophia Loren, Loren Cook, Loren Green, Ralph Loren, and the Loren Girls (unfortunately, they are not your fan club as one might have hoped).

    I’ve a few quick questions. 1/ was SEJ in the Live index previously? 2/ Have you tested your sitemap with Live? 3/ Have you removed or altered a robots.txt file from your source (it is not there now – though I agree, MSNBot SHOULD be smart enough…) 4/ Do you see record of MSNBot in your logs? If yes, how frequently? If no, 5/ any hosting weirdness to report?

    From where I am sitting, your source looks fine. I can’t figure it out. I am meeting with the SEO teams at both StepForth and Metamend in the next few days and I will pose the question to them as a brain teaser.

  • I used the MS Live image search and entered the SEJ domain. I got only 23 results, but I was surprised to see the banner ad images you have showing up. So it seems Live has a few of your images indexed but none of the pages. Very odd…

  • So they like to read your blog, but they don’t want anyone else to read it. Hmmm… V-Smart.

  • We are aware of what caused the issue and are working actively to address it.

    – eytan

  • Eytan,

    Thank you. Could you please update me and our readers as to when the problem is fixed and what the issue is.

    Thanks, Loren

  • yup. i had like to know the reason too. so that i can fix up my site to get indexed by Live Search.

  • I just received this from Microsoft Live Search:

    Hi there,

    Thanks for pointing this out — we appreciate it. Turns out that your site was identified as spam by our software, when it clearly shouldn’t have been. This has been fixed, and your site should be picked up in our next crawl.

    Reading the comments I realize there are others that might be wondering why their site isn’t in our index — and there’s no one universal answer.

    If they suspect they’ve been blacklisted inappropriately they can e-mail for re-inclusion.

    Thanks again for the heads-up,

    Program Manager, Live Search

  • umm. it’s weird. if they block a site from indexing considering it to be webspam… then how come they still show the related incoming links to the blocked domain!

  • Wow Loren! SEJ is spam… *shakes head* …. no wonder why Live/MSN Search can’t get things right. Legitimate sites labeled spam…. and spam is mostly what comes up in their results….. yeesh!

    Sure hope whatever they did clears up this little snafu!

  • Search Engines are making more and more errors and get false positives regarding what is spam and what is not.

    I had a legit blog at blogger flagged as spam for reasons still not disclosed last year.

    Yeah, blogger got some heat and probably decided to risk flagging a lot of legit blogs just to get some of the more sophisticated spam out of their index.

    This thought worries me a lot. This goes also hand in hand with the increased fear by webmasters to do something wrong and lose in the search engine game because of that.

    I am not talking about manipulations with the intend to trick search engines, but normal website development and content creation. It is easier nowadays to see your site disappear from the search results without doing anything bad.

    This trend continues with how you write the content itself if you use contextual advertising to monetize your site. The wrong word in the text and before you know it turn the income generating Ads to unpaid PSA messages.

    The Search Engines did a good job that webmasters have them more and more in mind when designing a website rather than the user.

    Much more than they did and had to in the past.

  • At last they have found a bug. I hope they will not repeat the same things in future.

  • Sam: you are a hopeless optimist 🙂

  • Hey Carsten, can’t you mind your language. I think MSN made people crazy about the bugs he created in the search.

  • I am also having this problem with our website:
    The site is obviously NOT spam, I have no idea why it is blocked. I have contacted Microsoft at for re-inclusion but heard nothing from them in over a month. Our site is still not indexed! Has anyone else used this route successfully? If so how long does it take?