Some Resources for Those in the Path of Hurricane Sandy

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Below are some resources you may need throughout the storm and possibly after. If you know of any resources we can add please let us know. Stay safe.


The FEMA App (smartphone app for mobile devices) contains disaster safety tips, interactive lists for storing your emergency kit and emergency meeting location information, and a map with open shelters and open FEMA Disaster Recovery Centers (DRCs). The app is free to download through your smartphone provider’s app store: FEMA

Find a Disaster Recovery Center


Lost Pets

Contact the National Animal Rescue and Sheltering Coalition (NARSC).

Other Apps

Red Cross

Disaster Assistance Applications

If the worst should happen you can apply to for help and find resources at or their mobile site.

A site for disaster prep.

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  • Thank you for this information. I live in South Jersey and currently battleing a potentional flood in my apartment. The pool right behind my deck and water goes down hill towards me. Town might flood as well and story is 10 hours away for nailing us.

    • Derek,

      You should run to a hardware store and grab some waterproof caulk and seal up your door if you plan on bunkering down for a little while. You could use a window to get in and out of your apartment if needed! Best of luck and wishes to you!

  • Thanks for the reply. Our town is in lockdown, we are not supposed to be on the roads not unless we leaving town for shelter. I just fixed 1 leak in my heater room with a large container for the water dripping. Side ways wind right now is getting water in the vent that travels to my downstairs apartment heater room. My parents live in the woods and preparing for tree’s failing or even on the house. I’ll survive for sure and been using social media to communicate with family and recieve updates locally. Social media is a big help in these bad storm’s. Lights are flickering right now so this will be last time I might go online, might packup laptop stuff or move into the other room.