#Pubcon 2012 Las Vegas: Some Guides and Helpful Info

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Pre-Pubcon Tips And Guidebook To Plan A Great Week In Las Vegas

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Tips for Speaking, Moderating & Attending #PubCon 2012

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2012 Pubcon Las Vegas Party Guide

by Michael Dorausch

#PubCon Wardrobe Essentials

by Ruth Burr

Top 20 Must-Haves to Pack in your #Pubcon Survival Kit

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What to expect from Pubcon Las Vegas 2012

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Where’s Raven? October 2012

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BlueGlass Takes On Vegas: Viva Las Pubcon

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#PubCon Announces “Virtual PubCon”

by Michelle Stinson Ross

Great Places to Eat at @Pubcon Las Vegas 2012

By Melissa Fach

Advice for Pubcon Newbies: How to Make the Most of the Conference

By Melissa Fach

SEJ’s Loren Baker and Melissa Fach at @Pubcon

By Melissa Fach


Tips on Being an Effective Conference Speaker by the Experts


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