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Posts with the Highest Pageviews on Search Engine Journal for 2013

It’s amazing how much has changed in just 365 days. What was popular with visitors? Tactical, plain-speaking advice with regards to SEO, social media and Facebook in particular. Also racking up the pageviews was a short guide on free SEO tools (always a people’s choice!) and internet marketing predictions for 2013.

#17. 5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know are “Illegal” on Facebook [July 2013]

 covers some “don’ts” that not only can get your Facebook Page banned, but could get you in trouble with authorities as well.

#16. 11 Places to Find Awesome Content Marketing Ideas [Sept 2013]

Tired of staring at a blank page? From Google to Soovle, our ever-popular columnist  has some places you can go for inspiration.

#15. 4 Reasons to Convert Your Facebook Business Profile into a Page [Jan 2013]

FB Page Demographics
Another guidance piece on Facebook, this time by  on why you should stop using a Facebook personal account for business purposes.

#14. 7 Video Chat Apps That You Should Have On Your Smartphone [Oct 2013]

Chat apps: not just for the high school set anymore. Here’s a handful that can be used for social or business purposes by: .

#13. Simple Steps to Creating an Effective Social Media Strategy [May 2013]

setting goals
A straightforward “Social Media 101” post by  that lays out a how-to for social media strategy goals, execution and measurement.

#12. How Your Domain Name Will Impact SEO & Social Media Marketing [May 2013]

facebookWhat’s in a name? “…users ‘demonstrate a clear preference now for credibility and trustworthiness in a domain name.” Remember Margaret Thatcher’s advice: “Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.”’ If you’re choosing a new domain name, here’s the factors to consider from branding, paid search and SEO.

#11. 3 Free SEO Tools for Identifying Target Keywords [April 2013]

match typesAh, the internets. This article originally posted just 8 months ago by  is already out of date thanks to the (not provided) Google update: welcome to the world of search marketing.

#10. SEO in 2013: 7 Surprisingly Simple Factors That Will Take The Lead [Jan 2013]

Surprising SEO FactorsHere’s a fun post to read now: How many of  seven predictions for 2013 came true?

#9. Five Steps to SEO-Friendly Site URL Structure [Feb 2013]

Screen1 (SEJ)A great post for webmasters,  details best-practice on-page hygiene from URL structure to XML site maps and appropriate use of robots.txt.

#8. Maximizing Your Meta Tags for SEO and CTR [Jan 2013]

Maximize SEOMaking your content more click-worthy in search results via meta tags by . “…because your page title and meta description are frequently pulled to form the snippet that appears whenever your pages are listed in the natural search results, the content you include in these areas can play a major role in your ability to attract visitors from the SERPs.”

#7. 6 Free Google Docs Every SEO Needs To Have [Feb 2013]

A short but sweet list by  of Google Doc goodies, from tool lists to data aggregators, all free.

#6. Penguin 2.0: Your Roadmap to Recovery [May 2013]

Cutts 1



Fire your SEO and “bring out the machete”:   gives straight talk for sites that were hit by Penguin.

#5. 11 Awesome Features That Make The Android 4.4 KitKat Incredibly Sweet [Nov 2013]

10099728803_bfd722103c_zEaster eggs, emojis and “OK Google” commands are among the Android “KitKat” OS features that visitors wanted to read about.

#4. [Infographic] Google’s 200 Ranking Factors [May 2013]

Screen Shot 2013-12-29 at 9.43.42 AMIf a picture is worth 1000 word, how many is an infographic worth?  details all the Google ranking factors in a single IG.

#3. 6 Feed Readers to Replace the Google Reader Void [March 2013]

Google Reader died earlier this year; Marcela De Vivo came up with a list of worthy replacements. Personally I’m a Feedly fan so I’m glad to see them on her list.


#2. 6 Interesting Facebook Tricks You Might Not Know [April 2013]

SEJ 1Kristel Cuenta details some obscure workarounds and loopholes, whose main value seems to be “heh let’s see if this really works!”

#1 Top 10 Places that Have Banned Google Glass [August 2013]

Let’s revisit this post at the end of 2014, when wearable technology products and “Google Glassholes” will likely both have more competitors out there.  By: Albert Costill

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Posts with the Highest Pageviews on Search Engine Journal for 2013

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