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Marc Purtell is VP of Search Marketing at Direct Focus Online, a full service digital marketing agency that employs hundreds of marketing experts worldwide. He can be contacted at


Since e-commerce sites are different from news sites, a case must be made for the necessity of implementing AMP pages on an e-commerce site.

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Converting a challenger brand into a market leader nationally is a difficult yet rewarding accomplishment. The dedication, expertise and investment necessary to make that happen...

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An important element in any SEO campaign is the ability to adjust strategy based on actual results. Tracking the right data is essential not only to...

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SEO can be challenging for small businesses. They must compete for the same market share against larger brands that often have more prestige, brand recognition,...

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Every webmaster’s and SEO professional’s nightmare is seeing a sudden plummet of those hard-earned Google rankings. The chaos that ensues in trying to pinpoint just...

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