6 Free Google Docs Every SEO Needs To Have

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One of my favorite parts of being in the online marketing community is how people within the community are so generous in sharing tips, strategies, and tools to do your job better.

A common way that a lot of online marketers use to build helpful tools is Google Documents. Using Google Docs is ideal because it’s free, flexible, and easy to share with others.  Hopefully with these documents you will help you to work more efficiently as they have for more life.

Hundreds Of  Tools For Marketers

annie cushing

By  Annie Cushing 

(Link to document)

Document Summary: Do you wish that you could have an organized list of nearly every tool for keyword research, seo analysis, competitive analysis and many more sections. Annie has done the amazing task of creating this list that I go to first when I’m looking for a tool to tackle a new task or problem.

SEER Interactive SEO Toolbox

Chris Le Photo

by Chris Le

Link to document )

Document Summary: Now that you’ve seen how  many tools and the amount of information that is available the problem isn’t obtaining the data. Instead the problem is finding a way to aggregate all of this information into one place and be to understand it. This is what makes Chris’s tool great because it allows you to pull data from SEOmoz, Google Analytics, Twitter, and more into one Google Document.

Ultimate Link Building Query Generator

Stoked SEO

by Stoked SEO

( Link to document )

Document Summary: For most SEO’s,  link prospecting begins with a string of search operators that will hopefully retrieve you  the best possible opportunities of sites to work with. What I like to do is test a few of these queries and if the initial results are good I will put them into the Link Prospector tool to effectively scale the prospecting.

Content Strategy Generator Tool


by SEO Gadget

Link to document )

Document Summary: I often get stuck brainstorming content ideas when dealing with industries that I am not familiar with. With this document I can see what is popular and being talked about right now across several different types of sites, which often leads to inspiration of what I should do.

Managing Projects in Google Docs

Alex Moss

By Alex Moss

Link to document )

Document Summary: This post and document really expanded my mind on how much a Google Document could help in managing and running a clients projects. The tutorial over at SEOmoz is very well done.

Find Local Nearby Locations

James Agate


By James Agate

( Link to document )

Document Summary: Here is a tool that is so simple but is really helpful when dealing with states or countries that I am not familiar with. James explained that when they target media outlets for the big cities that they were not as receptive as those from smaller surrounding cities.

For example reaching out to Phoenix media outlets could be a lot more difficult then connecting with outlets for other Arizona cities like Scottsdale, Glendale, Peoria, etc.

Did I miss any? What are your favorites?

This is a list of some of the Google Docs that I have found extremely useful, but I know there must be more. What docs have you created or used to help you do your job more efficiently.

Look forward to hearing your comments and feedback.

Benjamin Beck
Benjamin Beck is an online marketing consultant with an emphasis in SEO & Local Search. Benjamin is currently writing a book on Link Harvesting. You... Read Full Bio
Benjamin Beck
Benjamin Beck
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  • Sahil

    Good one Benjamin! Thanks for the amazing list of these Google docs which can help webmasters save lot of their time in reporting or documentation.

    • Benjamin Beck

      Glad I could be of help.

  • Edward Beckett

    There are some very good features and benefits for using Google _* products … docs, gmail, chat .. etc ….

    However, there’s one ‘small’ factor that needs to be understood before blindly jumping on-board with the ‘free stuff’ model … privacy and security …


    “In a cloud environment, data security issues and national interests mean that on-line document storage and processing can be unsuitable for use by governments or commercial organisations. Especially so where sensitive data or confidential data is being stored, edited or shared on systems and infrastructure that are outsourced and shared with many other organisations, individuals, users (e.g. the Internet.)”

    • Benjamin Beck

      Hi Edward,

      Thanks for bringing up the point of security.

      Be sure to make a copy of these documents for yourself and to NOT copy the collaborators which will allow your data to be kept to yourself.

  • Rajesh

    Nice Information Benjamin. I’m already using Annie Cushing’s “Hundreds Of Tools For Marketers” docs. Let me try for others. Thanks Again.

  • Joel Widmer

    Love seeing templates like these! I think we should be sharing a lot more resources like these with each other. No use in recreating the wheel! Here’s one of my favorites https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Aj4U6wmYE1X6dDB5S1lDUXFzaTUxME5IRmJqZ2ozZGc

    Check out the article explaining it: http://seogadget.com/content-strategy-generator-tool-v2-update/

  • David

    Great list Benjamin, always good to see what people have been able to do with Google docs to speed up various processes and even better when they are willing to share these tools!

    Best of all, because of the collaborative nature of Google docs, it’s quick and easy to share access with teams which just makes them all immensely better to use and update than excel in a team environment.

    I understand the privacy concerns that some people may have, but is anything we do when it concerns Google actually private these days? Probably not so I have no issue with using Google docs…

    • Benjamin Beck

      Great points David, thank you for elaborating on that.

      Appreciate it.

      • jeannette

        Hi Benjamin,
        I am happy I’ve decided to network with Seo Gurus, I am very new to this and have little understanding of Internet marketing. You seem to have a Wealth of knowledge and I intend to follow you.
        Best regard

  • Johnny Ewton

    Excellent article Benjamin. I’ve personally used Annie Cushing’s Tools and the SEER Toolbox plenty before now but the other four were a much-welcomed bookmark. Will soon be sharing my own novel Google Doc Tool with the world in the coming weeks. Would love to let you explore the tool and give your input on it before it’s official release if you have the time.

  • Felipe Bazon

    By far one of the most useful articles I have ever read for SEO. Annie´s SEO Tool Kit, if may call it that, is simply amazing.

    • Benjamin Beck

      Thanks Felipe, glad you liked it!

  • Ros

    So much work has been put into these – I very much appreciate the share. Thanks Benjamin!

    • Benjamin Beck

      You Bet! Glad to share what others have shared with me!

  • Dan

    Great post. I have been using Google Docs for sometime now but have never thought of it that way.

  • Keyword Removed

    How can I find out how much traffic my competitor’s site receives?

    • Benjamin Beck

      There are lots of tools that can do this, I like http://www.semrush.com/

  • Umer Mahasin

    Tools document by Annie is a wonderful share, love the way she categorized them as well.

    Thanks Benjamin, Annie and of course SEJ.

  • Ruud

    I love all these docs and i use them regulary especially Annie Cushing doc. I think you also missed Annie’s audit checklist https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AlgVNSddFpwxdEJrZmpQaFpQZFVTUHVLZ0psWjVNeUE#gid=22

    I would love to see a Gdoc where we have some basic reporting data. For online marketing management reporting, seo reporting, sea reporting, emailmarketing reporting

  • Dave

    Wow thanks! This is a great article. I’m fairly new to blogging this info is exactly what I needed. These google docs will definitely be a huge help.

  • Johnny Ewton

    Just shared our Google Doc Tool, AlgoSleuth, with the world yesterday. It helps paint a clear picture of how Google’s Algorithm updates have affected your site over the last 2-3 years. http://goo.gl/89fkK

  • Nick Eubanks

    I released 2 versions of my keyword opportunity model in Google Docs that can be downloaded here: https://docs.google.com/a/factormedia.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Asy4DkAp2pOedGZzMFdlSENjWkdaWkdBOGhqWHR2N1E#gid=0

  • Jonathan

    Hi Brittanie, great list here! its amazing the amount of free info you cqan get from Google Docs.

  • Jonathan

    Sorry *Benjamin*

  • Farhan Asif

    Great tools and nice article for seo beginners jut like me. Thanks

  • Carol

    wowW! those are some awsome docs. I love the content generator doc. thank you so much for sharing.

  • Nathan Gaw

    Thanks Benjamin – very useful. Annie Cushing’s lists are particularly handy.

  • Tom

    Nice list. No excuses now, it’s time to work.

  • Mohamed

    Thanks Benjamin, really helpful docs.

  • Clay K

    Thanks for the quality info! Why is there such a mystery surrounding SEO? Because there are no written rules from Matt at Google we little guys have to spend extra time and $$$ to glean out the truth about true white hat SEO. It could be so much more easy!