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News Recap on (Not Provided): Top Articles from Around the Web on Google’s Encrypted Search Data

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Last week Google made the move towards encrypting all search data, which means website owners are unable to see information about search terms that were previously available through the referrer system.

While this move seemed to happen suddenly, it has been a long time in the making. Two years ago, Google started encrypting data for searches performed while users were signed into their Google accounts.

Earlier this year Google began encrypting searches originating from the Chrome omnibox. Finally Google made the decision to withhold all data regardless of who is searching or where they are searching from.

Here’s a roundup of articles from around the web since news broke about Google’s “not provided” search data.

Below is the top news about “not provided”, as reported on Search Engine Journal and other places around the web.

From Search Engine Journal and other sources:

  • The Impact of Encrypted Google Searches on Online Marketing
    The SEO world was abuzz late last week with speculation that Google is on the path to encrypting all search activity (except for ad clicks). This would mean marketers and site owners would see a lot more traffic coming from the dastardly “(not provided)” source in their analytics and a lot less helpful information about what search terms are driving traffic to their website […]
  • Has Google Gone 100% NOT PROVIDED & Secure Search?
    Woke up this morning to find SEOs on Facebook and Twitter up in arms about Google changing all queries and usage to the secure settings which means that in Analytics, the keyword referral data from Google is all but kaput. In essence, various sites are reporting that the [NOT PROVIDED] percentage of organic keyword referrals has jumped from 50-60% up to 95%, 99% or 100% […]
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News Recap on (Not Provided): Top Articles from Around the Web on Google’s Encrypted Search Data

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