Has Google Gone 100% NOT PROVIDED & Secure Search?

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Woke up this morning to find SEOs on Facebook and Twitter up in arms about Google changing all queries and usage to the secure https://www.google.com settings which means that in Analytics, the keyword referral data from Google is all but kaput.

In essence, various sites are reporting that the [NOT PROVIDED] percentage of organic keyword referrals has jumped from 50-60% up to 95%, 99% or 100%. The changed seems to have happened over the evening, so sites are not able to pull full international statistics yet, but all signs point to SEOs and webmasters not being able to pull data on Google driven keyword traffic anymore.

Here are some thoughts from around Twitter:





Of course, if you advertise in AdWords, this data is provided…

Here is a Facebook thread on the issue:

Please provide your thoughts and what you’re seeing in the thread or in the comments below.

We will be adding more to this news as the day goes on.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Neeraj Modani

    How effective it will be for Google going secured? Being secured, how SEOs and webmasters will get correct and effective organic data without getting registered on Google Adwords?

    Can anyone suggest accurate ways of getting accurate data?

  • John H.

    2011 – Matt C. “will affect roughly 10% of queries”
    2013- Matt C. “crap, I shouldn’t have said that”

  • I just did an analysis for all of our clients, I found that today’s (not provided) numbers have been up about 17% on average compared to the rest of September, and up over 30% when compared to August.

    Client Averages for (not provided):
    Aug – 44.44%
    Sep – 58.89 %
    Tod – 75.18%

    I then went through and created a “useless query data” column that includes both (not provided) and branded keywords. Nearly 40% of our clients were at 100% “useless query data.”

    Client Averages for “Useless Query Data”:
    Aug – 74.35%
    Sep – 82.86%
    Tod – 92.73%

    DISCLAIMER: I know that branded query data isn’t actually “useless,” but it’s a lot less useful than non-branded query data, and let’s be honest…”Client Averages for Less Useful Than Non-Branded Query Data” is a mouthful. Thanks for understanding. 🙂

  • Seeing 70% “not provided” for several websites, will continue to monitor.

  • Seeing 72% for some of my sites. This is not going to be good.

  • Seeing an average of 50-60% not provided on our Norwegian clients.

  • Google is putting us in perplex condition , what to do in this case, I am really not satisfied with it

  • Loren:

    I’m officially and legally changing my name to “The Oracle of SEO.” 😉

    I called this one on our blog two weeks ago in “Will Google’s Backlash Against the NSA Result in 100% Keyword “Not Provided?” Google is using the NSA data grab as an excuse to roll this out IMO. All they’re doing is expediting the eventual bursting of the digital advertising bubble.


  • Seems like doomsday. For one of my main customers it’s 100% “not provided” 2 days in a row. Great! I think my customer will be very satisfied with my next reports. If Google wants to destroy SEO then Google should say so. So let’s all hope that Bing and Yahoo will rise again and will bring some new pressure on Google to think over some of their strategies.

  • B. Alexander

    A Cross Section of unrelated sites:
    Site 1: Not Provided: 75.52%
    Site 2: Not Provided: 40.54%
    Site 3: Not Provided: 72.41%
    Site 4: Not Provided: 65.25%
    Site 5: Not Provided: 6959%

  • David

    96% of not provided yersterday, I bet I will be at 99% or 100% today… Will the hostile reactions of the SEO community force Google to change anything? Not sure! Meanwhile I share with you some web analytics methods and tips to work on our SEO despite the growing number of not provided keywords http://blog.atinternet.com/en/index.php/2013/07/23/best-practices/how-to-improve-seo-despite-an-increase-in-the-number-of-not-provided-keywords-web-analytics-methods-and-useful-tips/1432

  • Pankaj

    Some info on search terms used by visitors can be had from
    “Acquisition > Search Engine Optimization > Queries”.

    It gives the search terms used by visitors on Google, that led to one of your web pages turning up in the Search results (“Impressions”).

    It also gives the Click Through Rate on each of those Impressions

    You need to set up Web Master tools to use the above procedure. Instructions for this are given by Analytics when you click “Queries”

  • Hi..

    Since last one month our website(www.fundoodata.com) is facing a drastic fall in traffic and no signs of improvement are visible till now.When we are checking Webmaster to check if there are any Crawl Errors, so to a surprise the no. of crawl errors have increased significantly.And what’s more shocking is that the URL’s in which Google is showing 404 errors are very Old URL’s which we have already removed from our website longtime back..So no idea why & how google is crawling these pages…

    So, please suggest something in this case..



  • Sometimes I enjoy reading the comments more than anything. Said that, nice article Loren.