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Top 10 Places that Have Banned Google Glass

Google Glass hasn’t even hit shelves and it’s already getting banned. But, before we get ahead of ourselves. What exactly is Google Glass? And, why are people afraid of it?

Google Glass can best be described as a wearable computer with an optical head-mounted display (OHMD). By using voice commands the glasses can take pictures, videos and essentially do everything else that you could on Google. Wearers can search for directions, check their email and connect to social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. Glass may also revolutionize how we connect on Google+ … Sounds pretty cool, right?

Unless you’re part of a privacy advocacy group or a place of business, Google Glass is already raising concerns. They have questions regarding the intrusion of privacy, and the etiquette and ethics of using the device in public, where people could be recorded without permission. There are also safety and security concerns as well for the people wearing Google Glass.

Google Glass – via Flickr

Because of these concerns, Google Glass has already received a number of pre-bans at certain places. Don’t be surprised if the number of locations continue to increase, but for now, here are the top 10 places that have banned Google Glass.

10. Banks/ATMs

In this crazy age of identity theft it’s not exactly far-fetched for banks to be wary of Google Glass. It seems completely plausible for a wearer to sneak in behind a customer and snap a quick picture of their personal information, such as their ID or bank account info.

9. Sports Arenas/Concert Venues

If you frequent a sporting event or concert you’re already aware that most of the time you’ll get denied recording the event. Of course, this was easier before everyone had a smartphone, but security has adjusted and are quick to scold you if you’re caught recording. Because these locations already ban cameras, it’s not a stretch to believe that Google Glass is banned as well.

8. Locker Rooms/Dressing Rooms

It’s one thing for someone to take a picture of us without knowing in a public location. It’s a completely different beast if someone snapped a pic of you in your birthday suit. To help protect people at their most vulnerable, locations where people are naked definitely have to ban Google Glass for precautionary measures.

And let’s not forget the etiquette of wearing Google Glass in the men’s room.

7. Movie Theaters

Film privacy is already a major concern for the film industry. Like concerts and sporting events, it was easier to spot pirates before smartphones, but theaters still crackdown on anyone caught recording a movie. Still, having a camera at eye-level is something completely different. Do you really think that a movie theater would allow a person wearing glasses equipped with a video recorder inside?

6. Cars

Legislators in states like West Virginia and Arizona are concerned about their citizens safety while driving, which is why these states are attempting to ban people from “using a wearable computer with head mounted display.” This measure will most likely be followed by the 39 other states and Washington D.C. who have already prohibited texting while driving. Glassing & Driving is already set to be banned in the UK.

5. Hospitals

Hospitals, like many other places of business, are worried about patients privacy. Since hospitals also contain some of our most vital data, an open folder or stray piece of paper could end up as a photo in Glass. Which, in case you weren’t aware, could be very bad news for a person’s identity.

4. Classrooms

Whether it’s an elementary classroom or a college lecture hall, many schools are already banning Google Glass. Locations where children attend is easy to understand, unfortunately there are a lot of creeps out there, the college classroom is somewhat puzzling. Sure. A professor may have to contend with a student goofing off online as opposed to paying attention in class, but Google Glass could help students take notes or record the lecture for assistance.

3. Strip Clubs

Many of the finer gentleman’s clubs make patrons check their cell phones, or any recording devices, at the door. It’s not surprising that some clubs, such as the Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas, have already informed customers that their Google Glass will not be accompanying them to the Champagne Room.

2. Casinos

Since basically every casino in the nation frowns upon recording devices of any kind – because of fear of cheating-, it’s not surprising that casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City have already banned Google Glass from entering their locations.

1. Bars

The owner of the 5 Point Cafe in Seattle was almost ahead of everyone when he banned Google Glass back in March. Of course, this made international headlines and sparked controversy. After-all, isn’t common for those getting their drink on to snap an endless amount of pictures via their smartphones? But, it appears that David Meinert and his Seattle bar were just looking to protect customers from the so-called “glassholes” out there.

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Top 10 Places that Have Banned Google Glass

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