Overture Launches Content Match

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In a move that perhaps counters Google AdWords and Adsense, Overture has annouced the launching of Content Match- a content advertising program where Overture will publish to billed sponsored placement on relevant web sites.

Content Matchâ„¢ is a new source of contextually targeted leads that works by displaying your listings when Internet users are viewing related content on our partners’ pages.

Content Match will roll out on June 27, with listings appearing on a number of content pages of one of our major partners, MSN, as well as on additional information and content pages of other of the Web’s leading sites.

To encourage advertising via Content Match Overture will discount all Content Match click charges in our U.S. marketplace by 20% for 90 days, through September 24, 2003. Giving users a chance to try the service at a lower risk than diving in.

Overture’s Press Release and Information

Loren Baker
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Loren Baker
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