New changes at Yahoo’s search technology are welcomed

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I like the ‘new and improved’ Yahoo a lot

Just did some checking and so far, I like the new changes implemented at Yahoo since yesterday morning. Most of the searches I have done came out with very relevant results for the most part.

Among some of the nice changes I have noticed are:

* * For sites with direct RSS feeds, a link to the feed URL is now available with this new implementation. If you need, you can even add the RSS feed to your My Yahoo page with a click of the mouse.

* * New: a cached version of each Web page is now available.

* * AltaVista & AllTheWeb continue to use separate search functionality, using a seperate search index. (Note: AlltheWeb and AltaVista are both owned by Yahoo).

Note that, as it was possible for a while now, a customizable and uncluttered (Read: no ads) entry point to Yahoo’s various search databases is available at Search.Yahoo.Com

Source: the Search Engine News Blog at Serge Thibodeau, Live.

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