Passing Yahoo in Page Views?

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Ok, we’ve heard it before from Hitwise, is gathering more page views than Yahoo, but last time the report was centered around the home page. This newest data from ComScore, as reported by GigaOm’s Liz Gannes, is a little different.

Here’s the breakdown:

* November Yahoo Page Views Down 9%
* comScore says MySpace #1 in Page Views for November

Reasons for Yahoo losing the #1 page view spot?

* Yahoo’s Web 2.0 tech & Ajax cuts down on page views
* MySpace’s horrid navigation leads to more clicks and views
* Yahoo and other properties are more one click oriented

Does this matter?

* It shows MySpace users are actively checking each other out
*Yahoo still #1 in unique visitors with 130 million in November
* Fox Interactive is #6 behind Time Warner (AOL), Microsoft, Google & eBay

My opinion is that once MySpace updates its functionality and usability to modern standards, they’ll lose this page view ranking in a heart beat. Yahoo dropping means that Yahoo is finding a more efficient way to deliver users the information they are looking for, which is more positive than sending them on wild goose chases.

Your thoughts?

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • brenda


  • Matt Cutts

    The most interesting part to me was the discussion of Ajax. If the metrics companies don’t handle Ajax correctly, that would mean that Gmail’s market share has been vastly underreported for years, because Gmail used Ajax while Y/M used static html.

  • Susan

    I completely agree that the reason MySpace has more views is due to lousy navigation. For a while I was one of those “Crackspace” addicts, but I hardly use the site anymore and one of the main reasons is because it’s such a pain to accomplish even the most simple tasks.

    And hats off to Yahoo, because they seem to be improving their functionality and click-efficiency every time I log on!

  • diddy1

    I gotta admit I love the new features at yahoo too. It may take longer to load but it’s worth it. Mostly everything is smoothly run by AJAX now and it’s never been easier. MySpace on the other hand still baffles me at how it gathers all those people.

    Thank You

  • CJ

    i just dont get the reason why?

  • Dawn

    The reason Myspace gets the following is that you are able to add unique features to your webpage simply by copying & pasting codes. You are in total control of customization.

    Y360 has a few backgrounds, but no real control to make it yours…

  • ivon gamez

    because i want to be withe the page of

  • ivon gamez

    because i want to be with the page of

  • latanya

    i really started to enjoy yahoo more than ever. i can do alot of my research on it without so much confusing.

  • ganster12


  • mikelle

    well, first i have to admit i am a myspace addict, and i love it. nothing really can change the fact that myspace is getting more viewers than yahoo. That’s just too bad. So by threatening and saying there going to loose most of there myspace viewers doesn’t do anything but give Tom the better chance of improving his website. So either way it goes, MYSPACE will always win!!…ahahaha!!1

  • janet

    hmmm…well for the first person who wrote the other message before me, i am a yahoo head and i think it is very wrong to talk badly about yahoo and give myspace all the props. So……i vote more over for yahoo verses myspace.

  • pinkangel1

    well hi everyone, i think that actually yahoo it’s
    really cool so please people don’t talk bad because your useing it o.k

  • abby

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  • Shannon

    I enjoy myspace. I’ve been with then for about 9 months now. You can to so much that you can’t do with yahoo. And you can really make your page you. With the backgrounds and the songs and comments. It’s the greatest. And it’s so easy to copy and paste. And you wonder why yahoo isn’t getting that many views. Cuz myspace is tha bomb

  • lil snoop dogg

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