Microsoft Live Toolbar (beta) is now Available

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Microsoft Live toolbar is now available in beta release

The Microsoft Live product line has gotten just a bit larger this week with the introduction of their new Live Search, and now with a matching toolbar, the Windows Live Toolbar beta.
In the development of this toolbar Microsoft used a new technology acquired recently along acquired with Onfolio. From MSN’s search blog:

Onfolio grabs scraps of web pages to be shared or viewed later, which is my favorite part. Also, it allows you to collect and read feed collections via a great reader that is integrated into IE so you can read all your feeds in one place. This is a great tool to help organize information that you find on the web.

The toolbar also integrates into their line of “Live” products such as Windows Live Search, Windows Live Local, Windows Live Favorites and It is currently offered only at IE version, and one may only wonder if we’re about to see it adapted to Firefox as well.

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