Let the Spam out of the Can – Hormel Goes to Court to Preserve Spam’s Name and Image

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Google may be full of Search Engine Spam, my email reeks of spam, but Hormel fights to make sure that we all keep our bellies full of their wonderful mystery meat.

CNN.com – Hormel fights to defend Spam name – Jul. 4, 2003

“AUSTIN, Minnesota (AP) — Hormel Foods has filed two legal challenges with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office seeking to prevent Spam Arrest, a Seattle software company, from using the Spam name Hormel has used for decades on its canned meat.

The trouble began about six months ago when Spam Arrest, which specializes in blocking junk e-mail or spam, filed papers to trademark its corporate name.

Hormel sent the company a warning, telling it to drop its use of Spam, which is trademark-protected. Spam Arrest refused.
‘If you ask most people on the street, they’re going to say junk e-mail as opposed to the luncheon meat as their first description of what spam is. I think they’re overstepping their bounds,’ said Brian Cartmell, chief executive of Spam Arrest.”

Loren Baker
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Loren Baker
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