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Lee Odden of TopRank scored an excellent interview with John Slade, Senior Director of Yahoo Global Product Management, and lead ‘talking head’ behind the Yahoo Search Marketing team who have been rolling out introductions of the new ‘Panama’ interface at different publisher and advertiser conferences.

Here’s an interesting excerpt:

Lee : What are the fundamental differences between the new Yahoo! Search Advertising platform and Google AdWords? What are the competitive advantages?

John : The new platform allows advertisers to:

* See what kind of volume of leads is available for any given campaign or ad
* Understand how search marketing campaigns impact immediate and deferred transactions
* Define a standard business goal like “Cost Per Action” (CPA), then let the system automatically find the most cost-effective way to deliver against that goal
* Take action on campaigns at the very point of insight
* Manage campaigns with the level of control and at the level you want with the tools that best fit their needs/experience

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