Google Webmaster Central & Webmaster Tools (Sitemaps)

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Google Webmaster Central & Webmaster Tools (Sitemaps)

Google has renamed Google Sitemaps to Google Webmaster Tools and has added the service to their Google Webmaster Central channel which includes Site Status Wizard, Submit Content to Google Base & Book Search, Google Webmaster Blog, Google Webmaster Group, and the Google Webmaster Help Center.

Vanessa Fox posts on the Webmaster Central Blog:

…We’ve renamed “Google Sitemaps” to “Google webmaster tools” to provide tools and information to keep you informed and increase your crawl coverage and visibility on Google. We’ll be blogging here about our webmaster tools, Sitemaps, and other topics related to crawling and indexing sites. And there’s a whole new name and look to our Google Group for this arena too; in particular, we’ve added categories to make information easier to find. As always, we’ll be regularly following the conversations and also posting from time to time.

So do check out Google webmaster central, your one-stop source for information regarding crawling and indexing on Google. You’ll find links to our newly named webmaster tools, this blog, the group, our webmaster help center, and more.

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