Google, Too, Will Index Twitter Updates

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Oh, that was fast. Google’s Marissa Mayer just announced that Google will also include Twitter’s public updates to Google’s searh results. So, that’s what the non-exclusive Twitter deal with Microsoft Bing meant.Exactly how  Google will implement this search result integration is yet unknown. This is where Microsoft one upped Google. But it might actually work in favor of Google though. It’s like saying, go ahead test it first and see how it goes, when you’re done and user’s are done with you, that’s the time when we’re going to strike. Clever move.

It’s a good thing that Microsoft still have a back up ammunition – Facebook. Now this is where Google can’t compete.

Soon it will be a question of which stream of user-generated updates are more useful and which are not. It’s a battle between the two top social media tool and the two search engines were caught in-between.

And who might the winner be?  I would prefer that you send the answer to me via Twitter DM than send it to my Facebook account.

Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra
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