Google to Launch New Video Ads on YouTube

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During a television interview last week, Google CEO Eric Schmidt revealed that Google will soon be launching a series of new products for YouTube, in an effort to make its video-sharing service profitable.  Up until now, Google hasn’t been successful in generating income from the site, and getting the site to make money is the company’s top priority this year.

In the interview Schmidt declined to give away any details of the products.  However, he did say that the ads would be different.  The ads, he says, will become visible when a person is watching a video on YouTube, which is different from previous attempts at video advertising in which the ads typically appeared before or after the video clip.

“We have latest ad products that are not pre-roll and post-roll. Think of them as ads that use the page around YouTube in interesting ways,” Schmidt was quoted saying at a California conference recently.

The new ads are expected to be rolled out “over the next couple of months”.

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