Google Testing Flipper on News Site

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Google Testing Flipper on News Site

It looks like Google is about to enhance the usability and aesthetics of its News Site via Google Flipper. According to TechCrunch, Google Flipper which is currently in Google Labs (but I checked Google Labs and found no trace of Google Flipper), is a new visual way of viewing the news items in Google News.

There’s no information available yet about Google Flipper although the subdomain is already active but it won’t bring you to any page telling you what Google Flipper is.


But judging from the screenshots provided by TC, Google Flipper would display  news items in various News Categories and below each thumbnail is link that would probably point you the news items on Google News.

It’s too early to tell as to how useful  Google Flipper would be to Google News.  But come to think of it,  printed newspapers to entice more readerships, right? Would it work for Google News? That we will have to find out as soon as Google publicly announce Google Flipper.

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