Google Testing Adsense for Video

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Inside Adsense announced the pilot testing of streaming video ads on online video content. Adsense for video is different from previously announced video advertising program of Adsense, Click-to-play video ads and Video distribution and authorship. The new video advertising campaign will allow publishers full control on where in their videos the ads will appear and for how long.

Adsense for video is currently being run on closed pilot test where selected publishers where chosen to test the viability of the advertising program. With this new video ad program, Google is hoping to put more value into the video content of publishers while at the same giving advertisers better access to advertising opportunities from the increasing popularity of online videos.

This advertising program if successful on its test run would greatly enhance user’s  experience watching online videos since those videos would finallly be freed of distracting advertisements.

Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra
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