Google Super Bowl Commercial : Parisian Love

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Wow, Google has really jumped the shark! Tonight marks the first Super Bowl commercial by search engine giant Google which highly showcased its local search offerings, Google Onebox and Direct Answers.

If you missed the Google Super Bowl “Parisian Love” commercial, here it is :

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Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Stephanie Trahd

    That was my favorite commercial of the night! I actually loved it! Why did you think it was a ‘jump the shark’ moment? 🙁

  • Gideon

    Superb ad.
    I think I agree with you, Loren – Google does face a critical ‘jump the shark’ time.
    IMO they’re up against Apple, and Apps might be Google’s decline.
    Personal, local and trusted will be the watchwords.
    In the end, I think it may boil down to who you want to trust with your data:
    Apple who want to sell you another, better iP… in a year or two along with advertising; advertising aimed at ABC1s who like Apple kit or
    Google who want to sell/give you phone/OS along with advertising aimed at you; advertising targeted at you specifically – because Google knows you better than yourself!
    Apple will get the top 20% that represents 80% of the ad revenue.
    Google will get a share in the 80% that represents 20% of the ad revenue…

    Google has a ravenous appetite for the data that is our online life, deals with the Chinese government and now the NSA do nothing to ingratiate them to us; Apple gives the impression of not caring what we do with their kit which is far more endearing.

  • greg

    I fail to see the connection between the commercial and the shark jump. Are you implying that the commercial signals a sign of weakness that is the prologue to the demise?

    • Loren Baker

      C’mon Greg, how many times did you hear “jump the shark” about Google over the past decade … I’m having fun with it.

  • Glass Pendants

    In terms of reflecting the corporate image, value proposition, and the ability of the ad to tie into the product … Wow, that ad was not only the best of the game but had to be pretty cheap to produce. What is amazing is that they got so many people’s attention and there was no cute gimmick (read that talking animals, humans acting like animals or ex-football stars failing to be funny).

    Classy and memorable. So many times you remember the ad for the gimmick and not the product. In this case, you remember the ad and by extension the product as well. Of course, I do not think that Google has any problem with branding.


  • mike

    Google must have suppressed the useless wikipedia and elame (ebay) corp thats usually followed with a google search.
    not really liking taking an application out of context.