Google Street View Deployed On Multiple Mobile Devices

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Google’s street view team has been working hard to add additional coverage in places that up until now we not in the system. They have been concentrating much of their effort in Europe. For those who haven’t heard or haven’t used Google street view, it allows you to access street level imagery to help orient yourself when looking for places, businesses, or getting directions.

The Google mobile blog has just announced today that they have widenedthe use their application to include windows mobile phones and the Nokia S60. This feature has already been available for iPhone, Black Berry, and Android users.

Alongside of releasing Street View to Nokia S60 or Windows Mobile smart phones, a new version of Google maps was also released which comes with some great new features.

Google Maps New Features:

  • Update User Interface
  • Request Walking Directions
  • Receive Transit Alerts
  • Location Reviews

They report if you do have a Nokia S60 or Windows Mobile smart phone, go ahead and download the new version of Google Maps by visiting

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