Google Reduces Cookie Lifetime

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As part of the ongoing concern over privacy and retention of private information gathered from its users, Google is setting a new policy to reduce the lifetime of cookies to a period of a 2 year auto-expire term.

What this means is that users who visited Google’s site and continues to visit Google will have their cookies set periodically. While those who stop visiting Google for straight two-year period will have their cookies automatically expire unless they visit Google’s site again.

But this is aside from the users capability to reset their cookie settings at their side through their web browsers. This new cookie auto-expiration policy is applicable only to those users who don’t regularly update their cookie settings on their PC.

This new policy complements Google’s recently announced 18 months clearing of search server logs, including IP addresses and cookie ID numbers. With this new policy, Google is hoping to get some more grounds on one of the most pressing issues that it is facing from both detractors and supporters.

Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra
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