Google Opens Online Security Blog

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To foster discussion on trends, interesting findings, and other efforts related to online security, check out Google’s Online Security Blog. For its inaugural post, the blog discusses the issue of Malware:

Malware — surreptitious software capable of stealing sensitive information from your computer — is increasingly spreading over the web.

Users who have unsecured browsers and plug-ins are susceptible to attacks by this malware. And if not properly addressed the user’s system will be seriously damaged.

The blog post also presented a study by Google to identify distribution host of Malware that it has identified and isolated. Based on the study, China, U.S. German and Russia tops the list of countries where malwares come from.

Recognizing the gravity of this problem, Google suggests the enabling of automatic updates for OS, browsers and browser plug-in to ensure that the latest security patches are installed in users’ systems. This would make it hard for malwares to attack and destroy vital system operations.

Hats off to Google for this effort to address the issue of online security.

Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra
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