Google Looks to Target iPhone Users With New Ad Options

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With the exception of those sites that have created special iPhone-targeted sites, surfing the web on the iPhone allows you to view the web as it was intended -full-content, full-color, full everything.  Even Google AdSense ads on sites show up. 

But in meetings with advertising agencies recently, Google has begun presenting a new option for advertisers that would allow them to show different ads in responses to searches made from iPhones.  According to AdWeek, the change is expected to be implemented shortly, and will allow advertisers to create an iPhone ad group as part of their regular search campaign.

According to AdWeek, Google would not yet confirm the new option, but did state that it had been under consideration.  Considering the popularity of the phone, which has integrated Google search in its Safari browser, it would be a wise move.  Google could make click-to-call ads optimized for the iPhone, or such ads could be used to direct users to iPhone-specific sites.

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