Google Integrates Hot Trends to Web Search

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If you’re in the U.S. or Japan, you might want to check this out. Google has started integrating Google Trends to search results.  Google Trends provides you with useful analytics data on how that particular keywords has been performing on Google search – how many people have been using it to search for particular information.


According to a Google blog post, if you search for a particular keyword which happens to be listed in the Google Hot Trends, a graph will be displayed at the bottom of the search results page including information on how popular the query is, how fast it is rising and other data.

In addition to this new web search feature, Google is also reducing the number of trends it lists on the Hot Trends homepage from 100 to 40.

If you are  U.S. or  Japan-based and you might want to check out this new feature, Google gives the following search queries which include Hot Trends for their search results.

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