Google Insight Search Adds News, Images, Product Data Sources

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Remember Google Insights? That Google Trends like search tool which provide more flexible and functional way of understanding user behavior and that has the capability to display search volume and regional interest? Well,  aside from web searches you can now use this tool to analyze search behavior on Google News, Google Image and Google Product searches.And like the previous Google Insights’ for web searches, you can also filter  top searches in these data sources through time specific ranges, geographic location, or subject categories.

Users from the U.S. can also break down Google Insights top searches based on U.S. Metro areas. This would be helpful for Adwords manager when geo-targeting their ad campaigns.

For those campaigning for various products, they can use Google Insights to find out what users are searching for under Google Products search so that they would know what search keywords to use for their ad campaigns.

Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra
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