Google Inks Ad Deal with

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ADVERTISEMENT and Google had reached an advertising agreement today where Google’s Adsense program will provide contextually relevant ads alongside CNN content. Under the said agreement Google will have the exclusive rights to the provision of auction-based text advertisements on senior vice president and general manager  David Payne has this to say regarding the ad deal:

Our new relationship with Google will deliver relevant ads to our users, enhancing their overall experience on

 While Google’s director of strategic partnerships, Marc Leibowitz said: 

By connecting to our valuable base of advertisers, our Adsense program provides an effective and efficient way to monetize quality online content, ultimately benefiting readers, advertisers, and 

This deal would definitely be beneficial to both Google and With CNN’s wide readership base, advertisers would be very please to have their ads displayed on the portal. 

But of course, we could also see Google Adsense team’s smiling for another successful deal that would definitely boost their advertising revenue once more.

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