Google CEO Interviewed by Charlie Rose

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Google CEO Interviewed by Charlie Rose

This from Resource Shelf; Google CEO Eric Schmidt sat down with Charlie Rose recently for a pretty good interview, here’s a snippet:

(on people fearing Google) “Our ambition is consistent with our mission, and the mission is all the world’s information. There are many people who are concerned about the all the world’s information being generally accessible. There are governments worried about that…many, many people concerned that broad access could be used for things they disagree with or could be used for bad things. We worry about that. We don’t want people using this for anything but good but the overwhelming power of Google is that there’s a tremendous access for information. We try very, very hard to be true to our principles which many viewers know the most important thing being we don’t use our business to alter ranking.”

I found part two of the interview on Google Video, and just for the heck of it, here’s an interesting video of Eric Schmidt teaching a public speaking class back in 1988.

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    Is ERIC suggesting that they have exclusive access to better programmers that Microsoft

    It does NOT just take Programmers – it takes Business Intelligence. They go hand in hand for success.

    Just Look at barrage of brilliant AJAX Web tools lauched in just the past year…there is no stortage of brilliance in the programming world.


    + On Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer and Beating Google

    Schmidt: It takes programmers, not words. [ laughter ] but it does….We’ll ignore the words and worry about the programmers…