Google Calendar on Mobile Phones

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Google has just announced the rollout of Google Calendar for mobile devices. Great thing about this Google offering is that as long as you are logged into your Google Account on the mobile, there is no need for synching.

With all of the mobile offerings from Google and Yahoo (yes, Yahoo also offers Yahoo Calendar via OneSearch) is there still any need to use your default Calendar and Mail settings on your cell phone?

More from the Google Blog :

Since one of our main goals on the Calendar team is to make planning your events and maintaining your schedule as easy as possible, starting today, you can access your Google Calendar account from your cell phone!

Just visit from your phone, and you’ll see your agenda of upcoming events, complete with details like date, time, location, description, and guest list.

Philipp also has some nice screenshots at Google Blogoscoped.

Loren Baker
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Loren Baker
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