Google Caffeine Goes Live

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Google has just announced the completion of it’s Caffeine Project which according to Google offers the freshest search results than what its current search index can offer. Google Caffeine is also the largest collection of web content that Google can offer.

Google Caffeine is all about delivering fresh content, be it a blog or forum post or even news story. The idea is to highlight this real-time search results. Caffeine is different from Google’s current search index for the simple reason that these results are not really the live web content but rather Google’s index of the web.

According to Google , Caffeine was created to keep up with the evolution of the web as well as to meet rising user expectations. Google has analyzed the web in small portions and updated it’s search index continuously. Caffeine allows Google to index web pages on a huge scale and processes hundreds of pages in parallel.

Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra
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