Google Buzz Comments Are Collapsible Now

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Finally, Google has addressed one of the Buzz kills we mentioned a long time ago – making buzz posts with tons of comments collapsible. According to Google when there are enough comments on Buzz posts, these may be collapsed based on the following details:

  • 3 or more previous or new comments are collapsed into a group
  • latest previous comment  (from before the last visit) was left expanded for more context
  • last two new comments (since last visit) are expanded to give a taste of ongoing conversation that you might find interesting
  • previous and new comments are collapsed together into a single line to save space
  • names of some of the people whose comments are collapsed are displayed to give you a chance to dive into the conversation if you it interesting

All in all, these changes limit the space a post takes up in the Google Buzz tab and prevent popular posts which you might find not interesting at all from dominating your Buzz stream. Of course, the ultimate effect would be making Google Buzz a little less noisy.

Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra
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