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Some cool updates are happening at Google land. Here’s some of them:

Dictionary Translations through Google Translate

The single-word version of Google’s automatic translations of paragraphs, text or documents. Works like your ordinary bilingual dictionary that gives you multiple meanings of a word depending on its usage and context.

IMAP Email Migration for Google Apps Users

For Google Apps Premier and Education Edition users, this email migration tool would be a handy improvement. Existing email running on IMAP servers can now be easily migrated into Google Apps email server using a self-service tool.

Mobile Google Finance

Access Google Finance from your web browsing enabled phone by going to You can even build your own selected stock watch list displaying current stock quotes and other relevant data. Soon, SMS alert will delivered through your phone, reminding you that your stock have reached pre-set values or relevant stock movements.

And yes, Inside Adsense is now available in Turkish. So, which language version is next?

Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra
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