Google Advertising Professional Update

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Google Advertising Professional Update

Google offers free link AdWords coupons: Qualified Google Advertising Professionals receive sets of five credits worth $100 each. Non-Qualified Google Advertising Professionals receive sets of three credits worth $50 each. It also looks like there is a yearly quota of 60 credits. As you sign up more accounts I believe you earn more credits.

You also can link to your qualified profile page, although many SEOs do not see the program as being worthwhile with Google poaching clients from some qualified professionals.

I also find it amusing that the links on the profile page asking these questions (How can I tell if a professional is really Qualified? Who has access to AdWords and client manager account information?) are broken links. hehehe. Shows they must have threw this idea together in a hurry or they must not think much of the program.

Google sure is trying to create a lot of buzz before reporting their quarterly results.

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