Google AdSense Earning Decrease Also?

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Google AdSense Earning Decrease Also?

The other day we reported that YPN EPC Was Decreasing and we offered possible explanations as to the reason. However, today, I noticed a featured thread at WebmasterWorld named Declining eCPM where members share their experience noticing that although traffic is rising on some sites, the earnings for those impressions are declining.

eCPM “is calculated by dividing total earnings by the number of impressions in thousands.”

Now this thread’s title is just about the ads that pay on a impression basis. There are folks complaining about the CPC (click based payouts).

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  • Keith Holloway

    I can’t say much about adsense because I don’t use it (gasp). But as a Google AdWords advertiser (for clients and affiliate programs) I can tell you that my affiliate revenue is going down dramatically. Is it associated with the massive amount of AdSense user? Possibly, because I have had to turn off the content network because it doesn’t do nearly as well as advertising directly on Google

  • Keith Holloway

    Oops, my link was wrong. How sloppy of me.

  • Robert Hantson

    I have to admit that the Google AdSense deal hasn’t been for us, all that it is cracked up to be. We offer a variety of services for small and mid market radio stations at and we’ve seen way too many of our direct competitors advertising freely on our site. For only pennies if the business goes there, it’s not worth it to us. We HAVE however, found that through the manipulation of the keywords in out meta tags, we’ve been able to filter the sites that are in the ROS adveritisng from Google. Anyone have other ideas on how to better control what they display?

  • Gratis Annoncer – jobsøgning, boliger, begivenheder, kultur

    Ultimately manipulating your ads in adsense will conflict with the organic optimization of your site. I don’t think it is worth it unless you have extremely strong rankings

    I have place my adsense display low on the page just as another option if user really shouldn’t find what they need.

  • Andre Felton

    Hi – I’m new to this. But I noticed my adsense total dropping – having made 1.21 one day, the next day I went to it the total was 1.15! I didn’t realise they could take money off you! Can or should this happen?