Google Acquires iGoogle Gadget Maker, LabPixies

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Here we go, Google’s latest acquisition has just been announced –  the startup LabPixies. In case you’re not aware, LabPixies, which is based in Tel Aviv  happens to be one of the first developer which created  an iGoogle gadget.

According to the LabPixies’ announcement, the acquisition will help them scale to more users and will open up more opportunities for the LabPixies crew.  The acquisition would also result into more web gadgets and apps for users.

Another possible area which Google will most probably use LabPixies’ capability is for building more mobile applications.

Acquisition, and other parts of the TOR for the acquisition remains undisclosed at this time.  Likewise, Google did not give any specific plans on how LabPixies will operate aside form the fact that it will be Google’s anchor for its various offices in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra
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