GoDaddy DNS Attack

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Twitter is all alight with the news, jokes, and jabs as websites and email accounts hosted by registration giant, go black. Judging by some of the particular twitter babble, the Anonymous hotshot is hoping to catch a little limelight from the attack they claim to have personally launched just to see how much trouble it could make.

The true test is how will GoDaddy handle the massive customer service nightmare. Love or hate the GoDaddy marketing, many users stick with them because of the easy-to-use service and excellent customer care. Will this major meltdown drive customers to new Web hosts as Mashable recommends or will GoDaddy turn this into an opportunity to keep account holders happy in the midst of Web sorrow?

Recent News:

Go Daddy-serviced Web sites taken down in apparent attack

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Michelle Stinson Ross

Michelle Stinson Ross

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Michelle Stinson Ross
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