FatDoor : Mix of LinkedIn, Zillow & Virtual Earth

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Peter Krasilovsky has a somewhat speculative write up of new local site FatDoor, which mysteriously sponsored at the Kelsey Group’s recent conference (’cause they apparently wouldn’t talk about what they were doing).

According to the Krasilovsky post and other speculation out there, it appears to be a mix of real estate and virtual community and people search. And it brings to mind the perfunctory biz model question . . . but it may be positioning itself as an online community with local ads/advertisers to come — eventually.

Provocative to be sure, but Bewitched’s Mrs. Kravitz comes to mind. I’ll be interested to see it when it launches.

More coverage here.

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  • Ben Levante

    Love that Mrs. Kravitz ref.

    Boy they are clever! They are sure to get a buzz from the looks of their mobbed Web 2.0 booth.
    Must have been great to make so many friends working that booth. EVERYONE wanted to get one of their nicely illustrated T-shirts.

    On the other hand, it had the feel of a rush for government cheese.

    I am amazed that people are hard-up for T-shirts from an unlaunched company. Theories include:

    1) Everyone else got them
    2) They cannot afford to buy advertising free clothing
    3) They want to appear to be “in the know”