eBay and Yahoo! Join Forces via a new Toolbar

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eBay’s Jeff Loui, who has been working with some Yahoo experts with his team, announces the availability of the new Ebay toolbar featuring some of Yahoo’s functionalities. The toolbar’s new features includes:


  • Improved Search – search all of the Web, eBay, eBay Express, Half.com and more,
  • One Click Access to favorite destinations – access frequently visited sites such as Yahoo!Mail and My eBay, with just one click,
  • Account Guard – protects both eBay and PayPal accounts,
  • eBay Alerts – to help users monitor bidded items through notification alerts.

Although this might sound a simple development in terms of eBay and Yahoo cooperation, we can’t discount the fact that this cooperation might be given a deeper underlining meaning. What with the recent spat between eBay and Google, this is a simple news items that could explode into gargantuan proportion once a buzz about it starts populating the interweb. Whether this is an unconscious move on eBay’s side, the fact of the matter is that the toolbar features Yahoo services and not Google or other search engine. Or is it an conscious move after all?

Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra
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