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Bookmarking has become more personalized thanks to the likes of Social bookmarking sites such as Digg and StumbleUpon. Bookmach is another search engine that provides a personalized approach to bookmarking content.

From the outset, BookMach is an engine that indexes several thousands of blogs, e-zines and as they call it, highly reputed sites. A user can select to perform a normal search or create a BookMach.

A bookmach is your own personalized search page at BookMach whereby BookMach maintains a list of the keywords you entered and updates the results that it gets as and when new quality content are added to the roster of blogs and sites they index.

A good twist to the bookmarking era I would say. It would be of great use to people looking for updates on topics, bloggers in particular who want to be the first to get the news out to their readers. In general, a good option for those who are on the look out for the latest updates on a variety of topics. Also, the pages are saved with easy to remember URLs that you select.

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