Bing Keeps on Growing

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Bing Keeps on Growing

Latest data from comScore is still looking favorably for Bing. Looking into Bing’s second week since it’s launch, comScore’s data showed that Bing’s search penetration for June 8-12 increases to 16.7% from the previous week’s 15.8% (June 1-5)


Prior to Bing’s launch Microsoft Sites’ search penetration was only at 13.7%.  Overall search market share of  Bing for two weeks also leaped from 9.1% prior to Bing’s release to 12.% in its second week of release.

Reacting to the search trends, comScore senior vice president Mike Hurt has this to say:

“It appears that Microsoft Bing has continued to generate interest from the market for the second consecutive week,”  These early data reflect a continued positive market reaction to Bing in the initial stages of its launch.”

Again, two weeks is not enough  to say that Bing is successful. Only time will tell if Bing could sustain this positive growth, and to finally claim that the increase in Bing’s search market share  was not due to the fact that curious on-lookers are trying the search engine.

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