Beware: New Twitter Phishing Attack

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Just an update, it looks as though another Twitter phishing attack is under way.


The emails are claiming to have video of you, but send you to a phishing site to harvest your Twitter account info.

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  • Actually, that’s also been hanging around facebook for about a month or so.

    Facebook started cleaning up the comments that contain that same type of link over the past weekend, so let’s see when twitter starts doing cleanups.

  • Elizabeth

    What if you were duped??? What can you do?

  • Elizabeth, change your passwords. Immediately.

  • If you have already entered your Twitter credentials I would immediately go into your account and change your password and never use that same password again in future.

    This goes without saying for any third party apps you may have issues with or potential issues with.

    Your Twitter password is as important as you bank card pin pass. Be careful whom you give access to your account.

    James Rivers
    Twitter Power System