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August 2013: Best of Search Engine Journal

August 2013: Best of Search Engine Journal

#1:  Top 10 Places that Have Banned Google Glass

By:  Albert Costill | @albertcostill

Albert Costill wrote an excellent post about Google Glass that brought in 100 comments! We learned that there are at least 10 places that have banned Google Glass. Crazy, as it isn’t even sold in stores yet. Which place were you shocked to read that GG is banned?

#2:  Google’s Recent Webmaster Guideline Changes: What You Need to Know

By:  Sujan Patel | @sujanpatel

From Sujan Patel, we learned of the recent updates to Google’s guidelines on Link Schemes. What did Google come out with this time? They are discouraging the following: advertorials, large scale article and guest blog campaigns, and optimized anchor text in articles and press releases. We also learned that it’s okay to still participate in these activities, but we need to make sure that we are using the “rel=nofollow” attribute to prevent these links from passing PageRank.

#3:  The 5-Minute-A-Day Instagram Marketing Plan

By:  Jeremy Page | @jeremy_page

Jeremy blew us away with a simple 5 minute routine to use in our Instagram marketing efforts. This routine involves hashtags, following, engaging, and posting pictures. Put it to the test and thank Jeremy later! 🙂

#4:  Google Keyword Tool Has Officially Been Replaced By Keyword Planner

By:  Matt Southern | @mattsouthern

When Google shut down the Google Keyword Tool, we immediately saw this quote come to pass – ‘An old dog can’t learn new tricks’. Right? Matt wrote this excellent post which helps us see the positives and negatives of the new Google Keyword Planner. I actually like it. Have you used it yet?

#5:  5 Easy Steps to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile

By:  Rob Short | @Rob_SMM

From Rob, we learned that LinkedIn is easily the most neglected social network out there. He taught us how to create a Vanity URL, complete our profiles, use keywords in our summaries, make headlines, and add career milestones with sections. Take action and make your LinkedIn profile the very best that it can be.

#6:  SEO’s: Time to Revolt Against Google?

By:  Daniel Cristo | @dancristo

Daniel opened our minds when he showed us many of the new changes made by Google. Among these changes are: the image carousel, paid ads shoving down organic listings, and Google maps which pushes down paid ads. Will you revolt, play along, or diversify?

#7:  5 Search Query Operators Every SEO Should Know

By:  Jayson DeMers | @jaysondemers

Every SEO should really read this post. It will help you dig into your competition and client’s websites to find opportunities. His favorite commands are: site: <url>, search with quotes, link:<url>, intitle: “search term”, and  info: <url>. Which one of those is your favorite?

#8:  How to Generate a Year’s Worth of Blog Post Ideas

By:  Jayson DeMers | @jaysondemers

Jayson hit another home run when he gave us this post to help us come up with content ideas. He taught us how to get organized, create a content calendar, and brainstorm. It will definitely come in handy when you feel like you’ve run out of things to say and you’ve been smacked on the side of the head with writer’s block.

#9:  The Definitive Guide to Using Google+ for Building Links & Outreach

By:  Paul Shapiro | @fighto

Google + provides some excellent opportunities for SEOs. Paul taught us how to acquire links using this social platform. This strategy is definitely one that is underutilized.

#10:  5 Common Content Marketing Mistakes – And How to Fix Them

By:  Jayson DeMers | @jaysondemers

Jayson covered 5 mistakes that content marketers are often making. They include: writing for the wrong audience, focusing on the wrong metrics, failing to focus on branding, not leveraging guest blogging, and missing trends. On top of that, he teaches you how to fix those problems.

#11:  Instagram Video vs Vine Video: Which Is Better For Your Brand?

By:  Ryan Harris | @harrisryan30

If you plan on doing any video marketing, then you’ve got to read this post. Ryan gave a strong case for Instagram video. It’s worth testing for your business or client’s business. Which do you think is better?

#12:  11 Essential SEO and Analytics Apps in Google Play

By:  Albert Costill | @albertcostill

Albert hit the nail when he showed us that we can manage our SEO and online marketing efforts from Android devices by showing us 11 apps. Definitely worth downloading onto your phone.

#13:  5 Alternatives to Google Glass

By:  Albert Costill | @albertcostill

There’s always competition, especially when it comes to Google Glass. Albert showed us 5 alternatives which are worth looking into. They are: Recon Jet, Vergence Labs’ Epiphany Eyewear, Innovega iOptik Contacts, Telepathy One, and GlassUp.

#14:  How to Breathe Life into Your Google+ Profile

By:  Jayson DeMers | @jaysondemers

Are you taking advantage of the Google+ real estate? Jayson taught us why Google+ Matters, how to gain influence, set up a business page, make the most of Google Hangouts, use circles to segment our marketing efforts, take the lead and create a community,and take advantage of Google authorship.

#15:  How to BreGoogle Gives Advanced Tips on Authorship: What This Means to Your Businessathe Life into Your Google+ Profile

By:  Amanda DiSilvestro | @highervis

Google came out and answered some of the most commonly asked questions about Google Authorship. Amanda did a great job of expounding on those questions. You’ll be wise to take advantage of authorship – we’ve been saying it for months here on the SEJ.

Your turn Which article in the month of August was your favorite and why?

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August 2013: Best of Search Engine Journal

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