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Dan Cristo is the director of SEO Innovation at Catalyst Search Marketing, a thought leader in the organic, paid and social space. Dan has been doing SEO since 2002, when he started his first company at age 20. An avid programmer and entrepreneur, Dan’s latest project is the social media tool for bloggers, Triberr. Look for him on Twitter: @DanCristo.


The day every SEO has feared has finally arrived. Google has successfully pushed organic search results below the fold for certain popular queries, leaving only...

  • 6 min read
  • 13K Reads

10 blue links. This is how search engines currently answer questions — over a billion times each day. But what if instead of seeing 10 results,...

  • 8 min read
  • 4.3K Reads

SEOs rely on traditional HTML optimization as a standard tool in their fight to improve search rankings. Just as the bayonet has evolved since the 17th...

  • 6 min read
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