Apple iPad Search Powered by Google or Bing?

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So after weeks of practically making the whole tech industry in active mode with rumors and photo leaks here and there, Apple finally launched its so called “latest creation.” And if you’re following the live coverage in various tech blogs, you all know by now that this product is called – the iPad.

The Apple iPad is practically a bigger iPod Touch, an e-book reader and tablet device that you can use for web browsing.  Wait, I’m pretty sure Steve did not mention something about which search engine will power the iPad’s web browsing feature.

Or is Apple saving the default search engine part announcement for a later date?  Rumor has it that Apple may be replacing Google as the default search engine for iPhone Safari with Bing. But since this may still be in the negotiation stage, so Steve deliberately did not specifically mention if Google will still be the default search engine for the iPad.

So, what do you think guys?  Will Apple finally severe its ties with Google and makes Bing as the iPad’s default search engine?


Arnold Zafra
Arnold Zafra writes daily on the announcements by Google,, Yahoo & MSN along with how these announcements effect web publishers. He is currently building three niche blogs covering iPad News, Google Android Phones and E-Book Readers.
Arnold Zafra
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  • Robert Belmont

    Google is the dominate search engine and is gaining ground daily. Everyone has become used to it and will be reluctant to change. If Apple choses to use Bing it will give new customers a good reason to chose the Android phone. Google will settle it’s differences with the Chinese government and will in time overtake Baidu. The Chinese consumers using Google will not want to use Baidu’s inferior search engine and as more Chinese find out about Google they will switch.
    If Apple is smart they will chose Google over Bing.

  • Trevor

    I don’t think that’s the only reason Apple wants to use Bing instead of Google. There are different factors as well. What they are? You can use GOOGLE to figure out.

  • Gordon Choi

    Google seems serious to dominate the mobile search market in China. Google does not put up many offline ads, but when it does it pushes for its mobile search ads.

    Latest devices / mobiles come and go quickly these days, but having a great search feature on your new mobile phone / new e-book reader can sometimes be one of the most important deciding factors.

  • Arrow SEO

    On the iPhone it is possible to change to settings to your preferred search engine. I think the iPad will be the same.