AdWords Keyword Tool Now Includes Search Volume Data

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Google has just added search volume data to its AdWords Keyword Tool. For non-AdWords publishers, the Keyword Tool is a tool for generating and refining relevant keywords that best matches a publisher’s product or service. These keywords can then be added into the publishers’ ad groups.

With search volume data now available in the Keywords Tool, AdWords publishers can easily check the approximate number of search queries that matched the publishers’ keywords when users performed searches on Google and its search network. The search volume data provides better insight into keywords’ monthly and average search volumes as compared to previous keyword tool.


Specifically the Keyword Tool’s search volume data for the creating new ad group around high-traffic keywords, for targeting ad text and specific landing page,  better planning budget spent for specific keywords, searching and selecting relevant keywords that would yield quality leads within a publisher’s budget.

Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra
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  • TermPaper

    Yeah i have used it it seriously amazing but r us sure it gives a right information?

  • Software Testing

    Good news!

    But they have not updated their help icon’s tool tip,

    Google, please update it!

  • Rob

    Its good to have these stats but I honestly don’t think they are that accurate and can never be relied upon on their own in order to measure as to whether to target a specific search term or not.

    But good to have along with other search data tools I guess.

  • temizlik

    thank you…

  • Web Agency Chieti

    That’s a great notice. Finally they have retroduced it and with better value than before.

    It would have been see that value also in the main page, but maybe they will ad it sooner or later.

  • chris

    Very interesting. A lot of people may dump their subscriptions to keyworddiscovery, wordtracker et al. I’m considering it.

    Have you compared any figures?

    I looked at one of our campaigns on AdWords. The actual impressions recorded last month were definitely closer to the estimate from the Google Keyword Tool than they were to the figures on KeywordDiscovery.

  • Chinese SEO

    That’s bad news for wordtracker, keyword discovery and all other vendors offering keyword suggestion tools out there…I mean, you get all you need from The source, and for FREE…

  • Hull Web Design

    this is really great! Shame there isn’t a way to find out values for specific countries and regions.

  • Chinese SEO

    If I am not mistaken they give search volume data for the countries targeted in the campaign. Haven’t tried it yet though. But if this is true if you set up a campaign for Spain, for instance, you should be able to get search volume data for Spain only when using the keyword tool.

  • Vermont SEO

    I think that this has great value the only question I have is if you use this data and compare it to say SEO books keyword tool the daily search volume does not add up to what they say the monthly volume is. Any thoughts?

  • Hull Web Design

    @Vermont SEO – SEO books keyword tool is not 100% accurate, the figures provided are estimates only, this is the same if you use wordtracker or keyword discovery. None of these tools are 100% accurate, they get their information by buying logs from smaller search engines and ISPs, they then extrapolate that data to give likely search volumes for a specific area.

    Googles tool should be more accurate though since the data is coming straight from them.

  • Vermont SEO

    Thanks I new that SEO book was est. and the search numbers from Google I had more faith in again thanks

  • Vermont SEO

    I have a debate question would it be wiser to have a keyword say paint, burlington vermont , vermont , vt paint or would it be more effective not to have the keyword paint and use phrases like burlington vermont paint or paint burlington vermont? or will the search results pick out the keywords burlington vermont paint and if they do will i get a better result if i just had it as a solid phrase? thanks

  • SEO for Newbies

    This new volume data released by Google has been an excellent help in doing keyword research for my blog articles according to the “bum marketing” fashion.

    However, tonight I seem to be having problems with Google actually returning any numbers. Every keyword that I have tried to run the search for in the last hour or so has returned the message “Insufficient Data” under the appropriate columns. I tried several keywords that I knew were sufficiently popular to eliminate the possibility of the volume being too low.

    I’m not sure what is going on here – just yesterday it was working fine and I was able to get several promising keyword ideas for articles. I hope that this is just a temporary glitch and that Google is not intentionally “re-hiding” this data.

  • Vermont SEO

    SEO for newbies, I had the same problem with my work desktop it was giving me the same message plus telling that my computer was infected with a virus which it was not. So I tried it on my lap top and it was fine. I tried it at home on my desk top worked fine tried on another work computer got the same message tried another worked fine so I don’t know.

  • Maurice Minor

    Hmmm … Not working for me now either.

    “Search Volumes” have gone! Now all I get is “Insufficient Data” for everything.

    Anyone got any ideas?

    Has Google bottled out ? Maybe they think they have done some evil… to the likes of Wordtracker etc.

    (UK – Job / recruitment sector is my interest area)

  • Maurice Minor

    Oh…. think I have answered my own question.

    Clear the Cache on your PC.

    Worked for me!


  • Raoul

    Great tool.

    Very good.


  • Koen

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  • Web design company

    Yes I have noticed. This is great addition. I have been waiting for this to happen for a very long time. I believe last year for a very brief time this had come up but then again it disappeared., maybe they were testing. Only I hope this time around it stays. WIthout the numbers the green bars were insufficient and largely made the tool limied in scope. However now with the actual numbers this is bythe best tools for online marketing.

  • SEO San Antonio

    This is really good as far as a marketing stand point goes. It can really help small and medium business find their customers online.

  • Matt

    It is a great tool, but extremely inaccurate. There needs to be at least 500 searches of the keyword in a month for it to show up.

    Google’s idea of “local” is the United States, not states or cities which once again makes keyword research difficult. It is becoming harder and harder to find a accurate keyword suggestion tool free, so this is by far the best when it comes to free versions.