2008 Summer Olympics Shortcuts from Yahoo Search

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2008 Summer Olympics Shortcuts from Yahoo Search

Yahoo has rolled out a series of their famous Yahoo Shortcuts specific for the 2008 Summer Olympic Games being held in China. The Opening ceremonies for the Olympics will be on August 8th and Yahoo Search will then be serving real time results in their Olympic shortcuts.

For example, a search for ‘Olympics medal count’ will bring this result (the bottom image is a proof) :

If users want their results to be only for one country, they can search for the country name which will deliver a similar Yahoo Shortcut. Users can search for ‘USA medal count’ or ‘Kazakstan medal count’ to get results from the specific countries.

Furthermore, Yahoo Search will also be delivering results for each individual sport. As an example, as search for ‘diving + Olympics’ will result in :

Other shortcuts include athlete names, such as ‘Michael Phelps Olympics’ and Olympic video news coverage for general Olympic terms.

[thanks Yahoo Search Blog]

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