Yahoo’s 2nd Largest Shareholder is Furious about the Failed Microsoft Deal

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Just a few days before the Yahoo Annual Shareholders’ Meeting where the fate of the current Yahoo Board is no longer at stake, here comes its second biggest investor planning on withdrawing their support for the Board.

Gordon Crawford of Capital Research and Management was said to be not happy with how both Jerry Yang and Roy Bostock have failed to come to agreement with Microsoft. Unfortunately for Crawford, who owns a 6.5% stake in Yahoo,  they can no longer vote out the current board, as Carl Icahn is no longer pushing his proxy slate as a result of the recent understanding with the current Yahoo Board.

But still, Crawford’s group are free to express their discontent towards the Yahoo Board. Who knows, they might persuade other shareholders to do some drastic moves (if there are still a chance) to oust the Yahoo Board.

Arnold Zafra
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Arnold Zafra
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