Yahoo Class Action Lawsuit : Spyware & Typos

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Yahoo Class Action Lawsuit : Spyware & Typos

Brian Krebs at has a rundown on a class-action lawsuit filed against Yahoo accusing Yahoo Search Marketing of syndication fraud – serving ads with questionable partners.

A class-action lawsuit filed Monday against Yahoo! Inc. and group of unnamed third-parties accuses the company of engaging in “syndication fraud” against advertisers who pay Yahoo to display their ads on search results and on the Web pages of partner Web sites. The suit claims that Yahoo displayed these advertisers’ online ads via spyware and adware products and on so-called “typosquatter” Web sites that capitalize on misspellings of popular trademarks or company names.

Potentially more explosive is the plaintiff’s claim that Yahoo regularly uses its relationship with adware and typosquatting sites to gin up extra revenue around earnings time, alleging that the company is conspiring to boost revenue by partnering with some of the Internet’s seamier characters.

One point of note is that Ben Edelman, who broke the YSM Spyware story, is one of the attorneys in the case.

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Search Engines WEB

    This could easily be verified by examining the Referrer Logs of the Plaintiffs.

    Surely, they have archived all server or client side stats…. and hopefully, they used Landing Pages just for Yahoo PPCs.

  • Jeff Molander

    Consider… as this Yahoo lawsuit breaks (as the advertising world wakes up to how they’ve been being played by distributors of CPC ads)… were you aware of Nextag’s involvement with WhenU?

    The below entry resulted in calls from a few VP’s (i.e. PriceGrabber wanted to be sure and distance themselves from the practice) and a very irritated WhenU marketing wonk. It relates directly to the transparency issue that is biting Yahoo in the bum.

    It’s not limited to “traditional” search engines… it’s widespread. What’s stoping advertisers from going after NexTag?

  • Eric Goldman

    The two lawsuits against Yahoo have some significant deficiencies that deserve careful attention by anyone trying to assess their implications. See


  • mkvakin

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